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Skill-Smart is our state-of-the-art skill learning and training platform that enables learners and trainees to select and learn a skill at their own pace and convenience, 24/7, on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Our learning courses follow approved syllabus and are industry oriented to help the learners gain employment or be self employed. The exiting workers can refresh or upgrade their skills to earn certification. Industry trainers can use our platform to run their own specialized training courses for their trainees.

Our skill learning solution is highly scalable, and combines the ease of always available digital access with hands-on field training through a network of our training partners, both in formal and informal sectors. We strive to bring the emerging best practices in online learning to our learners and trainers.

Skill-Smart is owned and operated by Dezaview Skill Learning and Training System Private Limited (Dezaview Skill). Our exceptionally talented core team comes from diverse fields of technology startups, top-notch engineering institutions, hi-tech vocational training and mobile technology, management and higher administration.

India has an unparalleled advantage of a large young workforce. Our mission is to unlock its tremendous potential by equipping our youth and workers with the skills that a modern emerging economy demands.

We are proud to be a part of the skill building revolution.


Browse through the skill development courses and signup for the course you are looking for. After signing up you can either download the learning App of your skill of choice or continue on the website. You will need an Android based smartphone or Tablet to download and install the App. Select the language you want to study in. You will get the course material and training videos in the language of your choice. After registering and logging in, you can study the learning material on your smartphone, tablet, or if you are connected to internet, on a desktop or a laptop. Your tablet/smartphone does not need to be connected to internet all the time for running the courses. Connect with Internet from time to time to refresh the material and get updates including news and alerts about upcoming jobs in your skill trade.

Once you are registered you can continue your learning anytime, anywhere. Once you have downloaded the App on your smartphone or tablet you will not need to be connected to internet to continue your studies. If you are stuck anywhere or need help you will be guided by our subject matter experts. Please read the Help section to learn more.

The course material follows the prescribed syllabus and follows the standards of NCVT and National Quality Framework. . .

While everyone can join our skill learning courses, we recommend that you should check if you meet the minimum educational qualification prescribed by National Council of Vocational Training or by the prescribing authority for your skill area if you want to earn a certificate.

Visit our What Should I Know to learn more about how you can benefit from our skill-learning program.


Finding skilled manpower ready to work and be productive quickly is a growing challenge. Our skill learning and training program makes it easy to train the and build the necessary skills in trainees as per industry standards and norms. Once the trainees develop a basic understanding of the trade, we customize the program to meet any specific requirements. This ensures that the trainees acquires the specific knowledge and becomes productive quickly with minimal training at your end.

Should your processes change, our flexible training program can easily adopt these changes to be always in step with your current and emerging requirements.

In addition to vocational and job oriented skills, we also help your employees enrich themselves with the necessary and useful soft skills.

Using our platform based on state-of-the-art mobile technology, you can design and deliver your own training programs for retraining or up-skilling of your existing work force. The architecture enables an unmatched flexibility in training delivery, and comprehensive monitoring to asses the effective uptake of the learning.

Our training modules are developed and vetted by academics and industry experts and academicians. The training modules are designed to make the learning easier, interactive, interactive and to lower other barriers to learning.




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