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Skill Smart is a practical skill learning and training platform for students to learn at their own pace!

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Welcome to Dezaview Skill Smart education school

Skill-Smart is our state-of-the-art skill learning and training platform that enables learners and trainees to select and learn a skill at their own pace and convenience, 24/7, on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Our learning courses follow approved syllabus and are industry oriented to help the learners gain employment or be self employed. The existing workers can refresh or upgrade their skills to earn certification. Industry trainers can use our platform to run their own specialized training courses for their trainees.Our skill learning solution is highly scalable, and combines the ease of always available digital access with hands-on field training through a network of our training partners, both in formal and informal sectors. We strive to bring the emerging best practices in online learning to our learners and trainers.

Skill-Smart is owned and operated by Dezaview Skill Learning and Training System Private Limited (Dezaview Skill). Our exceptionally talented core team comes from diverse fields of technology startups, top-notch engineering institutions, hi-tech vocational training and mobile technology, management and higher administration. India has an unparalleled advantage of a large young workforce. Our mission is to unlock its tremendous potential by equipping our youth and workers with the skills that a modern emerging economy demands. We are proud to be a part of the skill building revolution.

Technology Based Learning

Traditional methods of using books are not the only way to learn. In today's rapidly changing technology, we make use of technology to provide a seamless integration between the teachers, students, parents and the course contents. Everything is accessible at your fingertips using your mobile, laptop, tablets or desktop pcs.

The course materials can be accessed 24x7 at the convenience of the students so that they can learn at their own pace.




Batches Completed


Years Completed

Courses Offered

Our courses are supported by leading companies in the market that ensures a job!

This course covers basic concepts in Electricity. It prepares trainees to be able to carry out installation of domestic or house wiring.

  • 600 Hours
  • 56 Student
  • ELE 701

The course prepares trainees to troubleshoot personal electronic appliances including mobile phones and carry out basic repair.

  • 520 Hours
  • 60 Student
  • ELC 703

This course prepares trainees for courier delivery and logistic services, handling delivery of business packages, groceres and other goods.

  • 170 Hours
  • 50 Students
  • COL 102 & 103

CNC Turning Course helps in knowing about the basics of operating a Lathe and CNC Lathe machines, cutting tools, plan the turning operations and produce components as per the drawing.

  • 500 Hours
  • 100 Students
  • MAN 702

Success Stories

Read about the hundreds of success stories from our students - How they became the heroes in their family!